DND New Release: Exquisite Metal DND Coin Set with Black PU Leather Bag

DND New Release: Exquisite Metal DND Coin Set with Black PU Leather Bag

Welcome to the introduction of Byhoo's brand new DND coin set! As an essential accessory for DND players, this set of 120 metal, silver, and copper coins will bring more fun and realism to your DND gaming experience. Let's delve into the details of this high-value DND coin set and its unique features!


1.120 High-Value Coins: Our DND coin set includes 20 gold coins, 40 silver coins, and 60 copper coins, accompanied by a high-quality black PU leather bag. With this abundant quantity, you will have enough wealth in your DND game and be able to trade with other players.

2.Your Black PU Leather Bag: Crafted from premium black PU leather, our DND coin bag not only has a stunning appearance but also offers exceptional durability. Each bag is meticulously designed, and the black color adds an elegant and stylish touch.

3.Dragon-Designed DND Coins: The DND coins are made from special metal materials, with each material representing a different dragon image. The coins have a textured surface on the obverse side, providing a realistic touch. Compared to players using only paper DND tokens, Byhoo's authentic DND coins will enhance your gaming experience.

4.Four Energies Converging in Dragon Eyes: Byhoo incorporates four different colored dragon eye designs, symbolizing four distinct energies in the DND game. As you play the game, you can harness powerful energy through the dragon's eye. When illuminated, the dragon's eyes emit a faint green light in the darkness, as if a victorious dragon stands by your side, offering support.

5.A Real Gaming Experience: Metal DND coins make the gameplay more immersive and authentic. The dedicated coin bag allows DND players to experience a tangible feel when handling, tossing, and exchanging coins. This DND accessory set provides the ultimate real gaming experience.

Conclusion: Byhoo's 120-piece metal DND coin set with a black PU leather bag will elevate your DND gaming experience with added fun and enjoyment. Through its abundant quantity, exquisite design, and realistic feel, you will immerse yourself in the marvelous world of DND. Don't miss out on this exquisite DND accessory set and embark on an exciting DND adventure with your friends!

Order your DND coin set now and enjoy a truly thrilling and immersive DND gaming experience!

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