About Us

Byhoo, officially established in 2018, is a company dedicated to the development and production of D&D and other related board game auxiliary props. In the past few years, Byhoo has grown from nothing to nothing. In the process of continuous exploration, we also slowly discovered some interesting products: Dice Box,Dice Tower, Dice bags, and dnd peripheral products. Here, We would like to thank you for your recognition and criticism of our products. This is not only the motivation to move on for us to continue to develop our products but also our important suggestions for improving our products.

Perhaps, in the process of exploration, it is inevitable to encounter some difficulties: the choice of materials, the adjustment of product structure, the spoof of competitors, and the production progress of the factory. But this is definitely not a stumbling block that hinders our progress, but a stepping stone for us to move forward courageously. In this process, we have continuously explored products of various materials and processes, and have also expanded from the original relatively single product. The products have also expanded from the previous dice tower to the props used in various game processes: tokens, miniatures, etc. To enrich the game and increase the fun of the game is our constant pursuit. Of course, while continuously expanding our product line, we also launched a customized service this year, whether it is style design or quantity design, this is achievable.

Byhoo took few years to grow, and you may only need a few minutes to give us encouragement, one direction; in the future, we will continue to develop more products and will improve the past deficiencies. We are looking forward to your participation in our growth.