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Metal DND Condition Rings

Metal DND Condition Rings

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【Visualize tracking of character conditions】A visual tracking system for character status (such as "Blinded" or "Charmed"). This DND accessories will greatly reduce the pressure on DM. In intense games, there's no need to struggle to find tracking records on paper! All gamer can also have a clear understanding of the states of each dnd character on the map.

【112 PCS in 28 Status】 Byhoo 112 Pcs DND condition rings to cover 28 kinds of DND status markers that are commonly used in tabletop games. This dnd accessories has 4 more statuses, such as Slow and Bane, than other dnd condition markers. When your character encounters an enemy attack, or casts a spell, the Byhoo 112 Pcs dnd starter kit can help you manage and adjust your battle strategy.

【Lightweight metal dnd condition rings】The dnd condition rings are made of zinc alloy. And this condition markers have bright colors and eye-catching fonts that will let you easily identify your character’s status.

【Suit for Multi-Size Miniatures】 Byhoo DND condition ring has an inner diameter of 1 inches, which can easily fit various sizes of dnd miniatures, like the 28 mm miniature. For larger miniatures, this dnd miniatures condition markers can be hung on the arms, head, or placed next to the miniatures. Mark your dungeon master with Byhoo status rings, enjoy endless fun with your team!

【Store & Display Your Markers】This dnd starter set comes with an acrylic holder to store and display your status rings easily. You can categorize your dnd condition markers by different statuses and hang them on the holder. By the way, you can quickly find your dnd aoe markers in need, and make your desktop cleaner and prettier. Decorate your desktop with magic and play your character with more panache!

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